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Everyone has a different way of moving on, mostly because everyone is different.

The situation, the timing, the circumstances, but mostly, the person.

The hardest thing about moving on, is when you look back at all the memories that you created with that person, that’s what really hurts. The feeling of wanting to stay in the past when you know that you shouldn’t.

Actually, the feeling of wanting the past to somehow find its way to the future with you, to create more memories.

That my friends, is what hurts the most.


I would hate to join the bandwagon of creating an introduction post, but, quite frankly I feel I must.

I don’t know what I will post on here, from time to time I wish to share some of my opinions on music, wether it be mainstream music, music from different countries, cultures, ages. TV programs that I enjoy, maybe some that I used to watch as a child. Movies, Oh movies, I adore them. Being a girl, I of course enjoy fashion, I don’t tend to follow trends, but sometimes I do find myself buying the latest purse that I saw on a random girl walking down the street and thinking to myself ¬†“Must have that purse.” Books are also a big part of my life, if you haven’t caught on by now, I like various types of things, so you can only imagine the types of books I read. ¬†Recent/historic events are getting my attention these days, as well as various “icons.”

To wrap this up, I think i may just have one of the most random blogs ever, but that’s life isn’t it. You never know what to expect.