Posted on: November 5, 2011

I would hate to join the bandwagon of creating an introduction post, but, quite frankly I feel I must.

I don’t know what I will post on here, from time to time I wish to share some of my opinions on music, wether it be mainstream music, music from different countries, cultures, ages. TV programs that I enjoy, maybe some that I used to watch as a child. Movies, Oh movies, I adore them. Being a girl, I of course enjoy fashion, I don’t tend to follow trends, but sometimes I do find myself buying the latest purse that I saw on a random girl walking down the street and thinking to myself  “Must have that purse.” Books are also a big part of my life, if you haven’t caught on by now, I like various types of things, so you can only imagine the types of books I read.  Recent/historic events are getting my attention these days, as well as various “icons.”

To wrap this up, I think i may just have one of the most random blogs ever, but that’s life isn’t it. You never know what to expect.


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