Preparing for 2012

Posted on: December 30, 2011

I will be the first to tell you that I have never kept any of my new years resolutions. I hardly ever even make one, to be quite honest. But seeing as 2012 is approaching so rapidly, as well as me wanting change in my life, I decided to make one, or a few.

Lets see how many I actually keep.

  1. Learn to cook
  2. Work out and be healthy. (Typical huh?)
  3. Get my shit together.

Even though number 3 should be number 1, I believe it will take so time for that one to happen. Thus, predicting the order in which I will see results. I could make many more but I think sticking to three is the best chance I  have in keeping them.

Now, I want to expand on these three major resolutions, having smaller goals and specific things (such as recipe’s, work outs, food) picked out. Let’s start with cooking, I’m going to pick out a few recipes that I would like to learn to cook.

Those are just three recipes that I wish to learn how to make, Of course I’ll be cooking other things as well. I want to learn how to cook foods from other countries, Asian countries to be exact.

I’m going to actually attempt to keep to my new years resolutions, so 2012 will surely be a year, if I stick to my goals.


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