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So here’s a short list of things that girls usually go through and or do.

  • Wax many body parts
  • Shave every day
  • Pluck eyebrows
  • Getting ready depends on a person but is usually 15 minutes-1 hour
  • Period
  • Behavior differences, pains and mood swings due to getting your period

This is a sum up of things of course, seeing as i’m about to paint my nails and don’t want to paint my laptop. But you get the drift.

Sometimes it sucks to have to do so much to feel good about  yourself due to how media pressure’s girls into thinking that we all have to be perfect. Me of course, I don’t believe the media and believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. A lot of people look different, so why try to fit in to this one type of girl that is what people think is perfect?

I do the things I do not because of the media, but because I like to. When I look good (in my eyes) than I feel good. That’s just how I am, I love getting ready. But I have my days where I don’t feel getting ready, and if I don’t, I won’t. Simple as that.

It sucks being a girl sometimes, but I still love being a girl.

Cause who run the world? Girls.


Today, I was watching videos of this band that I used to be really into, and it made me miss them, a lot. So I started to watch some of their new videos. Pretty soon I was going down memory lane and remembered all the times that I had with them. Made me think what was the reason I wasn’t into them as much anymore. Then it came back to me, they forgot where they came from and who was there from the beginning. That’s something that irks me, I knew these boys long before they were even a band, when they were just friends and knew each other. I was there when they decided to become a band, I was there when they were going thru name changes, I was there when they finally got signed, I was there thru it all. Supporting them. Never asking for any special attention from them in public or anything of the such, but here they are, pretending they don’t know me. Pretending I’m just another number to their growing fame. But now, I’m not just another number, I’m a human being that was loyal to them from the beginning. To this day I check up on them and see how they’re doing, just normal things such as; check their twitter or watch YouTube videos. And honestly, I am still very proud of them, proud of how far they’ve come and proud of them for proving the haters wrong. And I know they will go far and I will still support them in the shadows, because I don’t need to be the limelight to know how much talent they have. But I hope they realize this and don’t make any mistakes that will ruin all of their hard work.

Today I was on twitter, the usual. Reading thru my timeline, when I saw one of my favorite artists trying to cheer up his girlfriend, sweet huh? She didn’t think so. After shamelessly reading their @replies, I discover she’s mad because he wanted to talk to her at six in the morning seeing as they’re in different time zones while he records more songs. Don’t get things twisted though, I don’t know the full story nor do I believe it’s any of my business. But, it did make me feel bad for him, here he is trying to show you that he cares even though he’s far away, and you’re gonna be mad at him? If I were in your shoes, I’d be a bit irritated with the time (not a morning person at all.) But I would suck it up. He’s doing what most girls wish their boyfriends would do, so learn to appreciate the things he does for you, before someone else does it for you.

When you’re completely over someone and then something decides to be an asshole and remind you of that person. It could be something as simple as a saying that person would always say, a gesture that person would always do. It can come down to a simple tweet on your timeline from that person. Which is what happened to me, the stupidest way to be reminded of someone, of course would happen to me. The tweet wasn’t what got to me, it was his default picture, there was a girl who was hiding from the camera as he took a picture with his laptop. It made me stop scrolling and click on his profile to extend that picture.
And BOOM, a thousand small memories came rushing to my head, memories I wasn’t aware I still had, it was as though I locked them away for this moment.
Then a sudden emotion filled me. I missed him. Not to the point where I would want to get back together with him, but I miss him, well, the person he was

So a very special boy turns 19 today. Well, in the UK his birthday is most likely over. But, I hope he has an amazing birthday that is amazing as him. And no, I don’t know him personally, but I do enjoy the music his band makes. He will most likely never see this message, but it’s the thought that counts, Lol.

happy birthday babes x

Time after time have I said I would step up my game with this blog. And have failed. Of course, this is of no surprise to me. So, here I am, once more. Attempting to get into this as much as I want to. I always have a lot of ideas in my head, about various subjects, but for some reason I never express them. And if I do, it’s to my friends, never really “blogged” about it. But, it’s time for something new. So here I go.