What else irks me.

Posted on: January 25, 2012

Today, I was watching videos of this band that I used to be really into, and it made me miss them, a lot. So I started to watch some of their new videos. Pretty soon I was going down memory lane and remembered all the times that I had with them. Made me think what was the reason I wasn’t into them as much anymore. Then it came back to me, they forgot where they came from and who was there from the beginning. That’s something that irks me, I knew these boys long before they were even a band, when they were just friends and knew each other. I was there when they decided to become a band, I was there when they were going thru name changes, I was there when they finally got signed, I was there thru it all. Supporting them. Never asking for any special attention from them in public or anything of the such, but here they are, pretending they don’t know me. Pretending I’m just another number to their growing fame. But now, I’m not just another number, I’m a human being that was loyal to them from the beginning. To this day I check up on them and see how they’re doing, just normal things such as; check their twitter or watch YouTube videos. And honestly, I am still very proud of them, proud of how far they’ve come and proud of them for proving the haters wrong. And I know they will go far and I will still support them in the shadows, because I don’t need to be the limelight to know how much talent they have. But I hope they realize this and don’t make any mistakes that will ruin all of their hard work.


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