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Posted on: March 7, 2012

I figure I must update on my “Lent challenge.” I have many progress mind you, still difficult to do so. It all started with a haircut, who knew it would come down to something so simple as a haircut. I had decided to get a haircut and had gone to work with my mom, the hair salon was across the street so it only made sense. Once there I decided to get a big change, that and my long hair was very hard to tame at that point, so I got my hair cut really short. You can tell the difference in the picture. When I got home, aside from everyone freaking out we all sat down and had dinner together and spoke about my haircut then spoke about other things. The next few days we have talked more, my brother is currently in my room playing on his DS as I finish this post so we can decide which movie to watch.

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