So many emotions

Posted on: March 13, 2012

I have spoken about music before, but right now, this is a special occasion. I was going to speak about this band when they won their first award, Brit award…for their first single…over Adele, Jessie J, The wanted and other talented artist’s. The band I’m going to speak about: One Direction. Now don’t let their title foul you, people underestimate Boyband’s. Their album is number one in many country’s, America included now that it has finally been released here. Oh did I mention that it made it to number one in less than ten minutes of it’s release? Yes, proud girl right here. I remember having to steam things at all hours of the night because nothing was available in America, I remember cursing sites for not having their merch available here, I remember getting mad at video’s because, of course it wasn’t available here. Oh those long all nighter’s that my friends and I would do in order to watch them somewhere or hear them on the radio. I remember only having the first five seconds of their first single to go off as after a long wait after the X factor. Forgive me, for I don’t make much sense, but that’s because I can’t control my emotions right now and I find it hard to even type properly. I am beyond proud of the boys, they have made their wildest dreams come true and have stayed humble. Because their amazing talent, personality, oh and their good looks is a plus, is what makes them so unique. The fact that they are so cheeky and can be themselves no matter what, that right there is what made me fall in love with them. To these five amazing boys, I salute you, Boybands are back.


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