Thing’s to do today;

Posted on: April 2, 2012

I find myself busy today. Actually, I’ve been quite busy lately, nothing really productive though, mostly family matters.

But today I’ve decided to change that, the list of things I have to do today aren’t exactly, all productive, most are just regular things people have to do, such as laundry and such. (Which I have to do seeing as the pile of my clothes that needs to be washed is just getting ridicules.)  Aside from that I’d also like to:

  • Actually clean my closet because I believe I will get lost in Narnia if I actually step inside.
  • Go job hunting.
  • Read as most as I can today.
  • As well as continue to write what I’m working on.

Oh and I still have to make time for quality time with my good friend so we can bash the general human population together, I find this one the most import one. All of this in the time span of six or seven hours, have in mind I still have to clean the house and take care of my brother and sister. Usually I only take care of my sister, but my brother is on spring break. Adding to the not so happy Cynthia Day-care.


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