I didn’t fail as hard

Posted on: April 3, 2012

Today was actually productive, somewhat anyway. I cleaned the house and toke care of my siblings as usual, even tried out the new makeup I bought yesterday. Judge me if you will, but I actually quite enjoy being a girl. Anyway, as I was cleaning my closet, I realized how much clothes I have, but that’s not the point. After I was able to finally make piles of the clothes I was going to wash, separating them by color, I also had clothes on my bed that I was going to sort out. But first I toke one of the piles to the washing machine for the first load to wash as I sorted out my other clothes, then, the washing machine decided to not work. I continued to figure out what was wrong but gave up after a few minutes, taking my clothes back and setting them back down, I decided to sort out my clothes while I waited for my parents to come home.  I ended up cleaning my closet, putting all of my clothes neatly inside it, sorting out my drawers, (a lot of my stuff ended up in the attic.) I even organized my purses belts as well as my scarfs. And trust me, these are all hard tasks. I washed a lot of clothes by hand as well, because according to the label, they must be hand washed, so hand washed they were! Half way done with washing those clothes by hand, my parent’s came home and fixed the washing machine, turns out, I just had to turn something on in the back. So I washed one load and it’s currently in the dryer. I’ll finish washing the other loads tomorrow. Also, I tried to job hunt today online but I’m a bit lost of where to begin, so I ended up picking a book and reading a bit so I can continue my creative vibes if you will, to write. I did get to write some today, before writing this post I was working on a new chapter of a story I’m working on. I’m very happy of the outcome to be honest and hopefully I can do the story proud.

Well, I’ve managed to make the majority of this post about laundry, but let’s face it, Laundry is a way of life. Even if I were to win the lottery and be able to afford a maid, I would most likely still be doing my laundry. Never let anyone, do your laundry.


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