Skype Dates

Posted on: April 4, 2012

I miss having a long conversation. Is that odd to say? It must be, seeing as I have ongoing conversations with people via text. But that’s not the type of conversation that I’m referring to, all though I am very grateful for having such lovely people whom I text with. I’m referring to a phone call, I actually enjoy having phone conversations with people, but in the era of texting, that seems less likely to happen. I’d also like to point out of the fact that I enjoy having phone conversations with people who aren’t awkward. Because I must admit I have had a few phone calls in which I just want to find an excuse to hang up the phone. Also, I miss “Skype dates” is what I call them, where a friend and I just set up a day and time in which we will call each other on skype and just talk for as long as we can. Whether it’s a video call or just a general call. (Seeing as most of the people whom I have skype dates with are in another country, that way our phone bills won’t be crazy.)

A few weeks ago I found myself on skype with someone for a very long time, five or six hours was it? I’m not sure, but it was nice. We talked about so many things, then tried to find a scary movie to watch. That was actually the purpose of the skype call, to watch a scary movie together. We both have Netflix so as I searched for a good scary movie while asking a very trusted friend for suggestions, he was on the other end, texting. I wasn’t insulted or anything for that matter, we were having a lovely conversation while we both did our tasks. I just find it funny that I was reading such “horrible” descriptions for movies as he texted away. Lol. I had finally found one that actually looked pretty scary, It was called “The Shrine” I believe. I even watched the trailer on YouTube, yes I was that determined to find a scary movie that was actually, well, scary. I showed the movie to him, he was saying his good nights to his texting buddies when a friend of his sent him a text, saying that we must watch “Troll 2”, I assume he was also asking for suggestions of movies to watch. After a quick debate I agreed to watch this movie instead of the original one. I looked at the cover of the movie and knew right away that it would be a horrible movie, and right I was. It must be one of the worst movies I have ever watched. If not, the worst movie. But it was fun to watch with him, we both have a good eye for movies so it was nice to pick apart a movie with someone who thinks like me. When it was finally over and we settled down after bashing it for another 30-40 minutes, we just talked more. And I miss having that, someone to talk to with  for hours without forcing things out. Just a steady conversation that could go on for so long and only feel like a few minutes had passed.

I wish I could have these types of conversations more often. I must admit I miss this person as well, but he’s busy and I understand that. Also I’m not exactly sure if were on the level of contacting each other every day. I’m not sure what kind of level we are on for that matter. But he’s lovely and I hope we can talk more, very soon. xx


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