To do list;

Posted on: May 6, 2012

I’m going to make this post short seeing as I must go procrastinate on YouTube for an hour  in a bit.

After doing so I will get ready so I may accompany my best friend to her church, I have never liked mass nor am I religious person, but I will support my good friend. I’m going to take this opportunity to talk to my ex boyfriend’s parents, yes, I know, crazy. But I have more than one reason to believe that he is filling their heads with lies about me. Being the fearless person that I am, I will confront these lies to shine on the truth. I’m too honest for my own good.

If all goes well we will end on good terms like we have always been. A part of me thinks that my ex boyfriend might be there, in which case I will tell my best friend’s brother to act like a bodyguard. You see, my ex is one of those, born again Christians. Not the good kind, he’s more of the type that is only acting, only for the show, in other words, for all the wrong reason. He’s been trying to “save me”, Since I’m catholic and don’t believe in mass nor the bible, he’s been trying to get me to repent or whatever. So he may call me a spawn of Satan if he’s at church. But I’ll just spray some holy water on him and watch it burn his skin, Lol.

Overall, one of two things can happen, everything runs smoothly and I walk out of their feeling good, or everything turns into a big showdown on his part, I for one, still have respect and won’t do such things at a church. (Except spray holy water on him.)

After all of this, my best friend and I will be attending lunch to meet with two of our potential room-mates, hopefully they don’t end up being serial killers. Fingers crossed.


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