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I’ve been gone for awhile and i’ll make a different post about that, but right now I just want to sort some of my own thoughts about something that I’m writing, in the best way I know how, by writing.

Have you ever gotten an idea for a great story but you can’t figure out the way to write it? Yeah, I’m having that moment right now. I know this must sound like a crazy thing to think about or even sit here at the hours of the night, worrying. I just can’t figure out in which point of view to write it in. I might switch back in forth with first and third person but the question is why am I stressing so much about this.

Maybe cause the more I think about this story and the characters, the more I fall in love with the entire concept of the story itself. Which is why I must be having such a dilemma on the ending of this story. I already have the climax and the final moments planned out in my head, but the ending is still unclear. Both endings will have a sort of sadness to them. One is more of a moving on ending, while the other is the “happy ending” but the way I’m planning to full fill that happy ending isn’t happy at all. In time both endings can be become a happy ending, in different ways. Maybe once I write more of this story I can figure out which way to take it. 

Sigh, Maybe I write and read too much. Actually, there is no such thing.

I prefer to escape this world and go to a world I created. Deal with it