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So, I was finally able to get a job, yay right? nope. it’s far away, but I’ve always wanted to work there, so I took the job. My first shift was supposed to be today, but yesterday as I was about to go home after 8 hours of training, the car wouldn’t start. Someone tried to jump start it and it wouldn’t budge after 93643463 times of tying. you see, my room mate and I share cars until my car is fixed and I can go get it from the city where we use to live. But now, this. To put matters into a worse state, my parents are being twats. I ask them one thing and they can’t even do that. This is why I’ve gotten so use to only relying on myself. I work tomorrow, and idk how on earth i’ll be able to pull this off but I gotta keep moving forward. I knew moving out and the adult life wouldn’t be easy so I can’t run away as soon as I was proven right.


side notes: I’m behind on NaNoWriMo, sad face. Also I made a video of my midlife crisis story, ya know, in case you’ve ever wanted to see a couple post in video form.