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I was compared recently, by my mother to a cousin of mine, a not very nice cousin I should add.

Thinking about it more just gets to me, why do people think it’s okay to compare people. As if you need that in the back of your mind.

“Oh maybe if I was more like them, things would be better.” Like, NO. Be yourself, that’s what you have to do. Now I know when people are growing up, you don’t always know who you really are. But once you know, don’t ever let that go. Don’t let anyone tell you how to act, how to dress, what to say and don’t you dare let anyone tell you what to do with your life. Because it’s not theirs, even if those people are your own parents. Most of the time they may have the best interest for you. But they still don’t own you. That’s something I always struggled with growing up, I wasn’t what my parents wanted. My views on things and in life in general were very different to theirs. Every time I would try to please them, I wasn’t happy at all. I learned from a young age that I couldn’t be doing things that other people wanted me to do. Because that wasn’t me, that wasn’t who I was and wasn’t who I wanted to be. I’m still trying to figure out what I want for myself in the future but at least I know who I am. I know the things I like and don’t like, my past, my hopes and dreams. So being compared to someone else that is completely different than I am, irks me. What makes you think that I would ever want do anything that they have done? What makes you think that I even want to be like them?

You don’t. So don’t compare me.


Different to my usual drag of posts. I went to watch the rise of the guardians and thought i would share.  And yes, there might possibly be spoilers….

Now I know everyone considers it a, “Children’s movie” I did go watch it to relive my childhood, seeing as I’ve loved Jack frost movies since I was a kid. The one from 1979 is probably high up in my top favorites. (Even though its very cheesy but lets not go there.)

But once the movie started, I realized that it was so much more than just Jack Frost, as much as it pains me to say this, Even though of course he is my favorite character in the movie. He is indeed, one of many in this movie that made it whole.  I guess I could compare this to an animated version of the avengers, honestly, that’s how I would see it.

Now i’d like to mention that the characters are nothing like you’d think they are and you love it. Santa is called, “North” He’s Russian and completely oblivious to sarcasm, The eater bunny, or just simply, bunny, is Australian and a complete badass and won’t take anyone’s bullshit. The tooth fairy, or Tooth is a freaking bird fairy or something who has little birds that help her do her  job. The sand man, or sandy doesn’t talk but he has so much to say, he’s really protective about dreams and is someone you don’t wanna mess with.  The only one that was how I thought they’d be, was Jack Frost and I wouldn’t have him any other way. I’ve always thought as him as this guy who doesn’t like responsibilities and just prefers to do stuff, his way. Someone who was against rules and just wants to have fun. As much as he loves being alone, he does get lonely and sad that  no one can see him or even believe in him. Because he’s not exactly “famous” or has a holiday named after him. So people overlook him. All during my childhood that’s how I always thought of him, someone who longs for someone to believe in him. That’s probably why I believed in him so much. Cause I could relate to him, how he would do all these things for people but no one would even see him really.

Away from that side track, pitch, who is the boogie man, I thought was actually a really good character, not someone who turns good at the end of the movie or anything like that. But he has so much depth to him. And it leaves you wondering, what happened to him?

An important thing I should point out, is that in the movie, Tooth reveals that all of five of them (the guardians)  were someone before they became a guardian and by someone, I mean human. In the movie we find out about Jack’s past life, which breaks my heart but made me so excited at the same time. I’ve loved him for so long and to actually see how he was and his life before he became Jack Frost, was bitter sweet. But then after that, it got me thinking, who were they before they became guardians. I know North’s back story. But I don’t know any of the others.

Which made me really really really want a sequel, because I’d like to know:

  • Their pasts and what they did for the man in the moon to make them into a guardian
  • What did pitch even did
  • Who the man in the moon even is, what does he do, what, why, how, whooo
  • Why does pitch refer to the man in the moon as an old friend even though he wants to destroy him, so what happened there
  • Why there’s an old bed frame over a dark hole
  • Why doesn’t Sandy talk.

Just overall a lot of questions i’d be interested in finding the answers to.

Overall, this movie impressed me and it takes a lot for that to happen.

I was actually enjoying my job very much, i was really good at it too. The only downside to it was that it was really far away and getting to it was always such a hassle. Thus I was late quite a few times. But even so, I was happy that I was finally working and there was once less worry on my life. But, like always, that didn’t last long. Me not having to worry about something. On Wednesday I purchased a chocolate bar and nibbled on it during my shift. Silly me, wasn’t aware that it was against policy to do that. It wasn’t until Friday that I was informed of this, after a set up to attempt to catch me being bad. After that failed and I didn’t fall for it, I was then brought into an office to inform me of the policy that I violated and to be suspended until further notice. Yesterday afternoon, I received a call that let me know that I had been fired and the seriousness of my crime. oh.

Guess that’s not the magic at macy’s. 

Now I must find a job an we all know how hard that is. I have to pay rent and bills and I can’t fall back on anything cause this is the adult life I choose after moving out of my parents house. And I refuse to go back there just when things get hard. Wish me luck.