Getting fired over a chocolate bar.

Posted on: December 5, 2012

I was actually enjoying my job very much, i was really good at it too. The only downside to it was that it was really far away and getting to it was always such a hassle. Thus I was late quite a few times. But even so, I was happy that I was finally working and there was once less worry on my life. But, like always, that didn’t last long. Me not having to worry about something. On Wednesday I purchased a chocolate bar and nibbled on it during my shift. Silly me, wasn’t aware that it was against policy to do that. It wasn’t until Friday that I was informed of this, after a set up to attempt to catch me being bad. After that failed and I didn’t fall for it, I was then brought into an office to inform me of the policy that I violated and to be suspended until further notice. Yesterday afternoon, I received a call that let me know that I had been fired and the seriousness of my crime. oh.

Guess that’s not the magic at macy’s. 

Now I must find a job an we all know how hard that is. I have to pay rent and bills and I can’t fall back on anything cause this is the adult life I choose after moving out of my parents house. And I refuse to go back there just when things get hard. Wish me luck.


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