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I was called immature today, normally I dismiss judgement without a second thought.
But this was different, not only because that was the first time I was called immature, but for the reasons I was given. I was called immature because I attend concerts. I was told I act like a preteen because I like to go on twitter. I was named these things because of how I like to spend my free time. And that, right there, irks me.
I understand that there has been a huge phenomenon going around with “fangirls” and how pop culture is affecting the world in different ways; with this said, I do not understand how I fall into this category. So I’m going to address the points I was given:
1.) “You attend concerts.” Why yes, yes I do. I absolutely adore going to concerts. I can’t think of a better atmosphere than when I go to a concert and I’m around people who like the same music I do, even if it’s just one band or artist. There’s no better feeling in the world than coming together to support someone who you admire. Singing along to songs that have saved your life or maybe just made you smile in some point in time.
2.) “You go on twitter all the time.” Guilty, I do seem to always go on twitter. I fail to see how that would make me immature or a preteen.
3.) “All you care about are your stupid bands.” This was probably the one that insulted me the most, because A. They are not “stupid little bands.” and B. I have so many interests but yes, music is a huge interest for me. I do enjoy to watch interviews and follow them on twitter, so what? I don’t stalk their every move nor do I think I’m going to marry the male members in bands that I like. I don’t build my entire world around bands and even if I did, what’s the big problem?
Bands, artists and the entertainment industry in general isn’t just designed for preteens, music shouldn’t have an age group. Music is a beautiful thing and while I am aware that there are people out there that just enjoy an artist because of their looks and not the music, I am not one of those people. And would what they do be called “immature”? I also know a lot people who do that and they aren’t preteens. I know plenty of preteens that have amazing taste in music. So why does it fall into that category?

Don’t label someone just by something they enjoy to do. We aren’t files in a filing cabbinet.


I recently went to visit my old town for a weekend and got some quality time with my family, among other people. Right as my roommate and I were packing, she received a call from her mother with some news. A boy that we use to know had a mental breakdown of the sorts. I can’t go into detail because the details would be in question to what you believe. But a breakdown none the less. We decided we would pay him a visit before we left, so that’s exactly what we did.

We were greeted by his family that we haven’t seen in ages. It was nice to see their faces again, even under those circumstances. Then it was time; I walked in to see him on the couch, on some sort of drug, just passed out. We woke him up and his face did light up when he saw, we went to sit down and chatted.

At first I didn’t even recognize him, he had changed so much, not just from his appearance but his personality, I then realized that it was just the drugs and after they wore off he was still the same. Towards the end of our visit, it was like I had never left and no time had passed at all. I really do hope that he gets better and I want to visit and keep in contact, not because I feel sorry for him, but because I know he can get better.

But it’s odd, how much life changes when you grow up and what we go through. As kids fighting about who’s turn it is and picking which crayon to color with were most of our challenges. And now it’s medical debt, seeing your friends go through mental break downs, go to jail, people dying, being aware of the seriousness and evil in this world. And all you can do is try to be a good person and hope for the best.

So never forget to try to better yourself, that’s all we have left.