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I just got back from a trip to Florida!

Still no tan, I’m starting to think I’m doomed to be pale as a vampire for the rest of my life. But that didn’t stop me from having a good time!

I was there for two and a half weeks but it felt like only days, but isn’t that what always happens?

I started my trip with Playlist Live, this was my second year attending and as always, I had a blast. (even if playlist did go overboard with the promo) And as per usual, I didn’t sleep much during that weekend. I didn’t sleep much during my whole stay in Florida for that matter. So many things to do, WHO HAS THE TIME?!

For the rest of my trip, I went to the beach, St. Augustine where I went on a ghost tour, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter where I cried of happiness and countless other adventures with my friends.

During my trip, I thought a lot about this blog, my life back home, the future. Maybe too many things for a vacation. I was faced with my usual thought process, that I want to travel the world. I want to do a thousand things but I still have no idea where to start.

Now I’m back in Washington, visiting my family and start work again soon. I’m left with an overwhelming feeling that time is slipping away but all I can do is turn into a sloth and scroll through social networking site.

It’s a horrible feeling and place to be, if I do say so myself.


I’ve been gone for what seems like forever from this blog and I feel bad because I never finish anything, but I’m back and I’m not going to let this become one of those things on that long list.

In the mean time that I’ve been gone, I flew across the country to Florida, met some friends that I’ve been talking to for over three years and attended Playlist live. Not only was it my first time on the east coast, but it was also the first time I had traveled by myself by plane. You can only imagine the nerves I had before boarding the plane. But I made it alive and back as you can tell. I do have one thing to ask before I continue, How do people breathe in Florida?! I felt like I was trying to breathe water!

Moving on, my trip in Florida was amazing, I had so much fun with my friends and met a lot of new ones as well. I got to meet a lot of people I admired and didn’t think I’d ever come across. But the true magic happened after my trip, the moment I stepped off my plane when it landed back home in Seattle, I had a voicemail, from someone who was offering me a job and let me just say that it was like god had just answered my prayer, I had to go through three interviews, and a series of tests after that call but I landed the job, so you can only imagine how fast I quit my job at the store that I was currently working at.

And now I’m more financially stable, even though I may or may have not become a shopping addict, I’m working on it, I promise. But my life is just beginning, it’s getting close to a year that I moved out of my parents house and that town that was a dead end so I can’t let all of this go to waste.

I have ambition, I’m stronger than I thought I was and now I know that. So this is just the beginning.